Whether you’re looking for a bowling alley to host your kids’ birthday party or are looking to join a bowling league in Ottawa, West Park Bowling offers many options to have some fun.

West Park Bowling Options: Your Choice of Alley

Welcome to West Park Bowling Options! Our team is very much pleased to have you here on this page, and looking at your choice of a bowling alley. Here at our facility, we pride ourselves for leading 5-pin bowling alleys in the city. But, we try our best efforts in achieving the preferences of each customer. 

From joining leagues to hosting parties, our place is an ideal site to organize your events! With West Park by your side, we ensure many affordable bowling options. All of which are based upon the number of games, lanes, people in your party, and the scheduled time. Apart from our list of options, you will also find a reservation form. Just a little bit of details about you and your group are all that we need. Read more below as we are excited to see you score!

For a much simpler read, allow us to guide you through the provided overview of this page. Please be informed that the list below is subject to change without notice. We suggest that you take a final review of what you’ll need prior to contacting our support team. 

  • West Park Bowling Options
    • Public bowling
    • Rock N Bowl (Nightlife bowling)
    • Birthday parties
    • Group rates
    • League bowling
  • West Park reservation policies 

West Park Bowling Options

Whatever option you may need, our team ensures a clean, wholly furnished facility. These include computerized scoring devices and other high-tech bowling equipment. People dawdle at West Park for they enjoy hanging out with friends and family. 

In fact, for many decades of existence, it has served as the locals’ rendezvous point. It is a place where friendships were built and have grown over the years to come. Our historic ‘60s-style diner serves as a reminder of the business’ groundwork. We recall the days on how it started. And now, we proudly present that West Park is a little bit of the old and the new. 

  1. Public bowling | Share or rent a lane 

Just had a stressful day at work or at school? Whether you wish to be by yourself or want to meet up with friends or peers, West Park’s public bowling option is here for you! Get this service, and have a fun-filled night as you release all of your worries and tensions. 

The best thing about this service is that it does not require 1-week advance notice. But, the time may vary on a daily basis. We advise that you give us a call to check the lanes’ availability. Below is a list of low-cost prices for this option.

Note: Seniors and kids below 6 years old are free of charge (shoes are not covered).

PackageRates (HST included)
1 person | share a laneC$6 per gameC$18 for 3 games (free standard bowling shoes)
1 person | rent a lane C$19 per half-hour
3 to 5 people | rent a laneC$25 per an hour
  1. Rock N Bowl (Nightlife bowling)

To night owls, here’s something that might just be the perfect option for you. West Park offers the Rock N Bowl (Nightlife bowling) service for those who are most energized during late hours. On top of that, enjoy playing while having a few drinks from our beer taps. Our alley comes alive every Friday and Saturday night from 7:00 PM onwards. Please see the costs for this option.

PackageRates (HST included)
1 person | share a laneC$8 per game
C$20 for 3 games (free rent of standard bowling shoes)
C$20 for 3 games (free beers)
1 person | rent a laneC$21 per half-hour
C$25 per half-hour with free beers
3 to 5 people | rent a laneC$40 per an hour
C$70 for 2 hours
C$100 for 2 hours with free beers
  1. Birthday parties

West Park has been celebrating with locals since 1946. As a way of greeting, we are happy to offer you a unique yet low-cost birthday party experience that will surely impress the celebrator and their closest friends. For approval, just present us a copy of the birth certificate along with 1 valid ID. This option is available either 3 days earlier or later than your actual birthday. 

Please see the rates for this option. All packages include assistance and planning from our events management staff.

Package (inclusions)Rates (HST included)
Kiddie birthday party #1Half-day Rent all lanesStandard bowling shoes2 to 3 lunch meals from Fil’s Diner kids’ menuUnlimited free juice drinks and snacks from Fil’s DinerC$85 per child + 1 chaperone 
C$90 per adult
Kiddie birthday party #22 hoursRent 3 lanesStandard bowling shoes1 meal from Fil’s Diner kids’ menuC$35 per child + 1 chaperone
C$40 per adult
Adult birthday party #1 (daytime)2 to 3 hours Rent all lanesStandard bowling shoes3 to 4 lunch meals, and unlimited free beers and snacks from Daniel O’Connell’s Irish Pub C$120 per person
Adult birthday party #2 (night time)2 to 3 hours Rent all lanesStandard bowling shoes3 to 4 dinner meals, and unlimited free beers and snacks from Daniel O’Connell’s Irish PubC$180 per person
  1. Group rates

Who says that our bowling discount rates are for birthday parties? Whether you plan an office function or a simple, friendly get-together, you could rent the whole place and have fun whenever you want. If your group consists of 20 or more people, we could give you awesome group deals. Read more below to see our benchmark group rates.

Note: This option offers you renting bar tabs. Depending on your budget, you may choose between the two: 

  • Open bar tab (no set limit): You and your group can drink whatever you want from the bar. Then, we will add the total amount to your bill at the end of your schedule.
  • Limited bar tab (with set limit): Tell us the number of hours or limited price amount, and we will tell you when you and your group have reached the tab limit. 
PackagesRates (HST included)
Weekday #1 (daytime)15 to 20 people15% discount on total amount of food and drinks from Fil’s DinerBar tab (open or set limit)C$25 per lane, per hour
Weekday #2 (night time)15 to 20 people10% discount on total amount of food and drinks from Daniel O’Connell’s Irish PubBar tab (open or set limit)C$35 per lane, per hour 
Weekend (both for daytime and night time)15 to 20 people10% discount on total amount of food and drinks from Daniel O’Connell’s Irish PubBar tab (open or set limit)C$50 per lane, per hour
  1. League bowling

To our professional bowlers, here’s the option that matches your skills and level! West Park hosts several leagues varying from ages, teams, and level of experience. If you wish to join this tournament, you may head over to our Contact Us page. Give us a call and ask for Mike or Ricky. With a little bit of interview and assessment, they’ll know where to place you.

Please bear in mind that the cost for joining a league varies every year. Often visit our site or social media pages to see our updates about this matter. Or, you may inquire about it, write your name and contact details, and we’ll be the one to let you know.

West Park: Reservation policies

As we wish to lighten your worries, you may now book your bowling option with us through our online scheduling system. Please see our policies about this matter prior to submitting any of your forms.

  • Packages require full payment.
  • Your online reservation is not yet confirmed until you receive an email confirmation from our support team.
  • For the group rates option, we require a minimum booking of 4 or more lanes.
  • If you wish to cancel your reservation, please send us a message through our email address at least 3 or more days prior to the actual date of your event. Failure to do so and you will not be able to receive your 70% refund. 

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Have you ever wondered why West Park has been the city’s most favoured leisure centre? Aside from several decades of operation, we have a long list of high standard bowling alley services that have all been useful from league players as well as to friends and families. Our wide range of assistance caters to different people with different likings and budget needs. 

We are Ottawa’s convenient one-stop bowling and dining facility. This is the ultimate place where you could have fun playing while eating authentic Irish meals! To find more about it and our services, you can visit this page: West Park Bowling: Our Services. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family! Tell us what you need, and we’d be more than happy to serve you. 


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