While you get to have fun bowling with friends and family, you can also partake in either one of our 2 Irish Pubs in Ottawa—Fil’s diner or Daniel O’Connell’s Irish Pub—to enjoy a relaxing dining experience whenever the hunger strikes.

West Park Bowling: Our Services

Welcome to West Park Bowling services! Whether you are a player, looking for fun, or someone who is in between the two, our long list of services will surely be of great interest to you, your family, and friends.

There is a reason why West Park is Ottawa’s No. 1 choice for 5-pin bowling. Our business was built under the mission of fostering the community’s health and enjoyment through one sport. Since its inception, West Park has witnessed how it changed the lives of its neighbouring streets and villages. 

Over its long history, this one-stop bowling and dining facility has created memorable wins, strikes, and established good friendships. It is why our team is steadfast in serving your needs with our custom-made solutions and arrangements — all the more why we are the city’s most trusted leisure centre.

Learn more about West Park’s 5 major services. For a much simpler and faster find on this page, below is an overview. We wish to inform you that all covered pointers are briefly described. The costs and details written below are merely benchmarks. 

We highly advise that you give us a call when making a few needed changes, or if you find any of our offered services vague. We assure you that our support team will get back to your queries in no time!

  • West Park Bowling services
    • Bowling alley options
    • Bowling events management
    • Food and drinks menu
    • Bowling repair services
    • Summer bowling classes
  • Reviews: What people have to say about our bowling services

West Park Bowling services

West Park opened its doors to the public in 1946. As a proud family-owned and fully licensed bowling business, the facility has come a long way in modernisation. In 2016, the site finally finished its full-scale renovation. We all owe it to the addition of computerized scoring devices, as well as updated bowling equipment that meets many of our services. 

That said, we have maintained our historic ‘60s-style diner as a reminder to the local community that West Park is a little bit of the old and the new. While we have upgraded our bowling equipment, we still want to make your visits a memorable one. 

Through our clean, vibrant ambience, and wholesome family dining and entertainment, West Park is your home away from home. When you have visited our place, make sure that you get to take a group photo from our small photo booth, and put it on our white wall that is solely for pictures from families and friends.

  1. Bowling alley options

We are a 5-pin bowling alley, but we have several great bowling options where each suits a person or group’s specific needs. These include the number of people, budget, and kind of purpose. All options are wholly furnished with computerized scoring devices that match high-tech bowling equipment. The list includes the following:

  • 5-pin bowling
  • Public bowling
  • Rock N Bowl (late-night bowling)
  • League bowling
  • Birthday parties
  • Group rates

For more details about this service, please visit this page: West Park Bowling Options: Your Choice of Alley. 

  1. Bowling events management

Here at West Park, bowling is both a passion and a hobby. But as for our team, events management is our specialty. Whatever event it may be, from birthday parties to banquets or surprise parties, entrust all of that in the hands of our skilled events staff. On top of that, you may invite as many guests as you can. Our convenient site provides a spacious parking lot.

There’s no need to wait anymore as we give you an online booking by simply heading over to this page: West Park Bowling Events.

  1. Food and drinks menu

Why wait for your turn where you could do it while having a few drinks and snacks. Our site has 2 great Irish pubs, called Fil’s Diner and Daniel O’Connell’s Irish Pub. Allow us to serve you daily with our special meals from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Add to the tasty dishes, which you will see here on this page: West Park Bowling: See What’s on Our Menus, are the 14 beers on tap. Have fun playing while eating and drinking!

  1. Bowling repair services

As a business that has been in the field for almost 7 decades, the team has decided to help start-up bowling alley centres through our repair, supply, and installation services. The service includes the following:

  • 5-pin bowling supplies and spare parts
  • Lane system repairs: lights and lane patterns
  • Bowling furniture
    • Single seat
    • Double seat
    • Triple seat
    • Coffee table
    • 10, 12, 15, 30 ball storage rack
    • Bar stool
  • Scoring systems: 
    • LED overhead monitor
    • LCD ground console, 
    • overhead monitor and ground console
    • management system
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance: This service is what enabled West Park’s longevity, and it is also what our team would like to share with you. Through acquiring this service, this prevents impending failure, thereby gaining the trust of your customers. It includes the following that you could choose from:
  • Regular basis or time based
  • Risk-based
  • Condition-based
  • Failure finding based 
  1. Summer bowling classes

While people play bowling during leisure time, this target sport is played as a league at high levels. Here in Canada, there are 4 major bowling leagues. People ranging from youth to adulthood enrol themselves in bowling lessons. In doing so, lessons certainly increase their existing bowling skills.

With West Part as your guide to this sport, our broad set of bowling lessons are tailored to your needs. Each session has a synergistic teaching method where students are taught through ‘classroom’ discussion and lane practice. The techniques, rules, gameplay, ball dynamics, position stance, and mental game are commonly included in every session. 

Since West Park opens at noon every day, the time written below for each class is half a day practice. But, we also allow lessons and training sessions during our opening hours. Please be informed that rates may vary depending on the changes of time. 


The lessons are divided based on the types of bowling, which are the following:

Class or type of bowlingSchedule
10-pin bowlingMonday | 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN
9-pin bowlingTuesday | 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN
5-pin bowlingWednesday and Saturday | 8:00 AM to 12: 00 NN
Candlepin bowlingThursday | 8:00 AM to 12: 00 NN
Duckpin bowlingSunday | 8:00 AM to 12: 00 NN


Note: West Park allows the cancellation of booked lessons and training. If you may do so, please send us a message through our email address. It should be made 1 week, or more, prior to the actual date of your session.

Individual ratesC$360
Group rates2 people: C$355.503 people: C$340.204 people: C$330.405 people: C$310.608 to 10 people: C$200.20

Strike now: Book a reservation

Did you like our list of services? The only way to enjoy it to the fullest is if you try and see it for yourself. Don’t linger anymore as our reservations are now done online. You may go to this page: West Park Bowling: Events Management, and fill out the requested questions. Just a little bit of detail about you and your group will do the trick. We’re excited to see you strike!  

Reviews: What people have to say about our bowling services

  • While it is a basic 5-pin bowling alley, it was a great experience for my friends and me.  We went to the place last March 2016, and what we liked the most was their good beer selection. Overall, it was a great activity.’ – Brian, 27
  • ‘I really enjoyed playing this sport, more so when the food and drinks taste amazing. The place is well-cleaned, so I rate it with 5-stars!’ – Steven, 32
  • ‘It’s a great 5 pin bowling alley! The place has super friendly staff! It was my family’s first bowling experience and they were all willing to assist how the game is done.’ – Ann, 22
  • ‘A blast into the past! Playing at West Park reminds me so much of the good ol’ days.’ – Jacob, 46
  • It’s been years since I last played at West Park. This place is so cool that it got me hooked into playing this sport. Coming back here again is really nostalgic! The services are still there, which I love the most. While there are new staff members, all are very cordial to every customer.’ – Tricia, 38
  • ‘West Park is an old-school alley. But, it’s their reasonable prices, well-maintained equipment, and food and drinks that entice their customers.’ – Scott, 32
  • ‘I took my kids here a few months ago, and they love the sport! So, I enrolled them under West Park’s summer bowling classes, and they’re really getting pretty good.’ – Cheyenne, 42

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