Westpark Bowling: Winning tips to bowl a strike

Do you want to roll three strikes in a row like the pros? It may seem surprising but all you need to have to get a strike is a proper starting position, a solid string and lots of practice. While beginners have a lesser chance of winning, some winning tips will help them score a strike. Check them out below:

Pick between a house ball or buy your own

Most bowling players start with a house ball or balls that are supplied by the bowling alley. But if you want to up your game, having a ball custom-fitted to your hands can give you an advantage. This can be done in stores that specialize in sporting equipment particularly bowling supplies. Here, the ball will be customized based on your budget, skill level, and preferred styles.

When choosing a house ball, determining the proper weight and finger hole size will help you get a better grip and easier swing. If you’re still a beginner, pick a ball that is fairly light so you can hold it without straining. But do not choose an extremely lightweight ball since you will swing it too easily, giving you inconsistent results.

Wear quality bowling shoes

You wouldn’t want to trip or slip once you sling your ball so make sure you wear quality shoes if you’re going to a bowling alley. Opt for medium-soft rubber hells so you’ll be able to stop smoothly once you release your shot. There are also rental shoes available on the bowling alley but make sure not to step in any liquids or spill any on the surface of the shoes.

Put your non-dominant foot forward

Before you start rolling strikes, you need to know your best possible position to start your approach. Your non-dominant foot should be whichever is opposite your bowling hand. For example, if you bowl right, then you should put your left foot forward. This will give your body and right arm a better space to swing.

Practice several rolls

Practice several rolls to see where the ball will go and pay attention to where the ball will land. When doing this, keep your shoulders parallel to the foul line and swing your arm forward as straight as possible. Take note of the direction of your miss. For example, if you missed left, do the opposite by starting your next throw a little bit to your right.

Adjust your grip on the ball

Take note of your grips on your bowling ball. Gripping too tightly may make you throw the ball in an inaccurate direction. To gauge your grip, insert your fingers into the ball and see if they will go as far as your big knuckle. You’ll want to release your fingers quickly to avoid throwing wonky balls so make sure your fingers are properly positioned and fitted on the ball.

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