Tips in bowling you should know before playing

Bowling is an exciting game that you can enjoy with friends or solo. There’s no right time to play bowling because you can enjoy it as long as you have a place where you can play and glide the bowling ball. If you’re a beginner, nothing beats the rush of playing in a bowling alley, especially when you see the professional interior of the place. So, if you’re interested in playing bowling and you want to make it a regular hobby, here are some tips you should know about: 

Find your perfect bowling ball 

There are different types of bowling ball weights available when you’re playing. Usually, you can find ones that weigh up to nine pounds. The maximum ball you can find is up to 16 pounds. If you’re still a beginner in bowling and you want to rest out moves, look for a ball that perfectly complements your body size and features. Moreover, don’t opt for heavy balls right away as they can do damage to your body if you’re not conditioned to lift  heavy objects. 

When choosing a ball to play, select the lightweight ones then slowly work your way up until your body is adjusted to swinging heavyweight balls. 

Choose the right cover stock

If you’re planning to purchase your own coverstock, make sure you purchase the ones with good surface texture and that can create friction when you swing the ball. A coverstock affects how the ball will react and glide along the alley. 

Opt for items made of polyester, urethane, and reactive resin if you want optimal results. If you’re still not sure which material suits you best, you can ask bowling experts to help you choose the perfect coverstock.  

Have your ball drilled by a professional 

Once you have the perfect ball weight, you need to look for a professional who will drill the ball for you. Usually, having the ball professionally drilled will allow you to fit your fingers comfortably which will increase more mobility with your movements. At first, the holes may seem too tight but your fingers will soon adjust once you’re used to it. 

Get professional bowling shoes 

When you’re bowling, one of the things you should invest in are shoes. Bowling shoes are important because they give your feet extra traction. 

When you’re in a professional bowling alley, the floor can be too slippery. If you’re delivering the ball in a sudden motion, you need proper bowling shoes to make you won’t get into an accident. Not will proper shoes help you perform better, but it also prevents you from getting into accidents. 

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