Westpark Bowling: Guidelines to follow during the pandemic

Westpark Bowling: Guidelines to follow during the pandemic

As the world recuperates from the effects of the global pandemic, restrictions are now more lenient to cater to the growing demand for leisure activities outside the home. You can now visit Westpark Bowling with your friends and family for a fun night of laughter and competitive gaming. 

However, to ensure the safety of both our workers and the customers that visit our establishment, we set some social distancing guidelines that you should follow. Please bear in mind that Westpark Bowling wants to provide you with services without compromising your health. Violation of any of our protocols will not be tolerated when you use our facilities. 

Please be guided accordingly and understand the social distancing rules listed below to keep you safe from harm:

  1. Always wear your masks at all times

Under no circumstances are you allowed to remove your mask at our premises while you use our facilities. We have discontinued our snack bar in the meantime but you can order a few of our non-alcoholic beverages as a refresher. Please make sure that when you remove your mask to drink, you’ll immediately put it back on before talking to anyone inside our bowling alley. 

  1. Use our alcohol dispensers whenever necessary

Our staff refills the alcohol dispensers whenever it empties. Rest assured that we have enough supplies to serve all Westpark Bowling customers. We encourage everybody to use our alcohol dispensers whenever they touch surfaces to avoid cross-contamination. 

If there are dispensers that have emptied, please notify our staff immediately. We’ll refill these as soon as we can so you can have a safe and fun time here at our bowling alley. 

  1. Wash hands frequently

We implore all of our customers to frequently wash their hands when visiting our establishment. Although alcohol can do its job in preventing the spread of the virus, it’s still important to practice good hygiene during a time like this. 

Our comfort rooms have soap dispensers that are always filled with disinfectant solutions that you can use. You can also ask for assistance from our staff when these dispensers are emptied. 

  1. Temperature checks at the entrance

You are not allowed to enter the premises of Westpark Bowling if you don’t subject yourself to temperature checks. Our management team also reserves the right not to allow a feverish customer to enter. 

Please consider the safety of other people when going out and visiting Westpark Bowling. If you’re feeling unwell or experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, you should stay at home and monitor your condition. 

  1. Always maintain a safe distance

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) gave its recommendation for practising social distancing in crowded places right when the pandemic struck on a global scale. It’s said that everyone should maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from each other to ensure that droplets won’t easily spread, especially in enclosed areas. 

The Westpark Bowling team cannot keep an eye on every customer in sight so we implore everyone to maintain social distancing protocols at all times. Please make sure there is at least an arm’s length distance between you and the people around you.

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