Beginner tips on how to improve your bowling game

Beginner tips on how to improve your bowling game

Anyone can learn bowling! It doesn’t matter if you have previous experience with the sport or not as long as you commit to learn and enjoy a game here in Westpark Bowling. Beginners are welcome to play and learn more about bowling here in our arena. Here are some tips that may help you out as a beginner: 

  1. Pick the right size of the ball for you

There are different sizes of bowling balls to choose from here at Westpark Bowling that would snugly fit into your hands. Typically, men need 14 to 15 pounds of a bowling ball for their games while women usually pick 11 to 12 pounds. 

Find a ball that has slightly larger rings than your fingers so you can grip the ball and put enough force into your swing. Test out a few balls during your game and switch it up when the rings and weight feel uncomfortable on your hands. 

  1. Relax your hands when swinging

Try to let loose before you swing your ball so that your arms will be more relaxed. Find your groove through trial and error. You’ll be swinging like a pro in no time as long as you practice your swings at Westpark Bowling. 

  1. Line up your shots

There are markers on the alley to help guide your shots. You’d want to look at this instead of the pins so you can control the direction of your ball. Here are some of the markers you’d want to keep an eye out for: 

  • Arrows – Seven arrows point to the pins a third of the way down the lane. Keep an eye out for these arrows and try to direct your ball towards them so you’d have a bulls-eye on your target: the pins. 
  • Dots – Mark your board numbers and keep an eye on the dots midway on the lane. Targeting these dots will keep your ball centre and away from the gutter. 
  • Foul line – The foul line serves as your marker when to release your swing. When you’re close to the line, you’d probably release the ball lower than expected. It’s best to keep this in your line of sight when you’re still trying to figure out how the game works.
  1. Follow the bowling ball checklist

Your game improves if you’re on top of everything from your stance to your follow-through. Here are some of the things you need to incorporate into your checklist: 

  • Know your equipment – Find the right ball that will fit your fingers and feels comfortable on your grip. 
  • Find the right starting spot – Consistency is key when throwing your ball during games. Make sure to mark your spot in your head so you’ll always have the same starting position in your every turn. 
  • Comfortable hand and wrist positions – What makes your swing effective is the position and action made by your wrist. Make sure that your wrist movement coincides with your approach. 
  • A follow-through can save the game – Finish the round with a good and gentle throw down the lane. 

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