5 bowling tips for beginners

Bowling is a fun and social game. There’s a unique thrill that one feels whenever one manages to hit all the pins or lead on the scoreboard. There are different techniques and strategies in bowling that anyone can manage to learn as long as they have patience and passion.

Whether you want to be good at bowling in order to win or to simply have more celebratory dances with your friends every time you put on a good score, read on to learn about these tips. The next time you visit a top bowling alley like Westpark Bowling, you can try them and see whether they work well for you.

Choose the right ball size

The ideal bowling ball size is between 11 to 12 pounds for females and 14 to 15 pounds for males. It’s better to remember though that weight matters less than looking for a snug fit.

Heavier balls may knock down pins with more force. However, ill-fitting finger holes would affect your game poorly. It is advised to choose holes that are slightly larger than your ring size. On the other hand, change your ball if you cannot grip it well.

Keep a relaxed swing 

Putting too much muscle into the swing results in slower throws. When relaxing your swing, make sure to take a balanced approach. Also, be mindful of knowing where to position the ball at the outset.

Find your speed 

You can either approach the line slowly or quickly. When approaching the line slowly, start with the ball at chest level. By doing this you can ensure that every swing takes as long as the time you take to complete the approach.

On the other hand, start with the ball somewhere between your thigh and waist when approaching fast.

Line up the shot 

Though the little dots and arrows on the lane may catch your attention, do not solely aim for the centre. You can also have a variety of styles when playing.

When starting, you can shoot for the second arrow to the right if you are a right-handed bowler and vice versa if you are left-handed. Do this to gauge your personal spot.

Move in the direction of your miss. If you only whiffed by slamming the bowling ball into the far-left pin, move left but aim for a similar target.

Every lane is different so it is advisable to adjust. Sometimes, even the sample lane changes depending on wax levels, warp, and humidity. 

Release with power

Release the bowling ball at the bottom of your downward swing and only target the pins. Do not overthink just because you cannot do the harder tricks yet like the 7-10 split. You can continuously practice being better at top bowling alleys like Westpark Bowling.

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