West Park Bowling is a fully licensed bowling facility with food and drinks provided by Fil’s Diner and Daniel O’Connell’s Irish Pub.


West Park Bowling has come along with the times since we opened in 1946, adding computerized scoring along with updated bowling equipment to our many services, doing a full bowling renovation adding state-of-the-art bowling systems in the summer of 2016. We also offer a clean, happy atmosphere to make your visit a pleasant one. With an on-site ‘60s-style diner (Fil’s Diner, opened in 2000) and an Irish pub (Daniel O’Connell’s, opened in 2002), we are pleased to be a one-stop facility for wholesome family dining and entertainment at its best.

Come Visit Us Today – We Hope to See You Soon!

At West Park Bowling, we hope to see you soon, and when we do, we hope you enjoy bowling in our facility. Please feel free to contact us should you ever have any questions or concerns!

West Park Bowling: About Us

Bowling is an exciting activity that one can play during their vacant time. Whether it may be done as a group activity or as an individual hobby, bowling is a nice sport that can be tried. What’s amazing about this sport is that it has no height limit for its players. With that, players can expect to have fun without the pressure of meeting demands. Here, the only thing important is that one can hold the ball and throw it towards the pins. 

Around the world, people have loved playing bowling. This is one of the reasons why we came up with West Park Bowling, our very own bowling alley. After having started in 1946, we have opened our doors to countless people who share the same passion for bowling like how we do. 

With that, here are some things that you may want to know about us so that you may know what really inspired us to open this bowling alley. 

The story

Like you, our family also has a deep appreciation for bowling. By doing it as a family activity, we all had fun by choosing our favourite balls and trying out our luck in order to have a strike. Although the ball may be heavy, it is actually nice swinging your arms back and forth as you wait for the perfect moment to let go of the ball. 

Indeed, there is satisfaction whenever the ball knocks out the pins that are on the other side of the lane. Whether it may be successful or not, we found bowling to be an enjoyable feat that our family enjoyed from time to time. Then, it will be after a few hours of playing that we all gather in our favourite dining places and share a hearty meal altogether. 

This is one of our fondest memories. As a result, our family did our best so that other families can also enjoy the same things that we did. With that, we bring you West Park Bowling, a place for bowling, dining, and drinking. 

Why play with us

We know for a fact that the trends change as time progresses. With that, we always make sure to keep up with the latest trends so that people can enjoy our facilities regardless of what year it is. This is the reason why our guests will see our state-of-the-art bowling systems that are added to our customers’ convenience.

By having Fil’s Diner and Daniel O’Connell’s Irish pub inside our facility, we guarantee that players no longer have to find a dining place after their games as they can already eat and play at the same time. 

To make it even better, we operate seven days a week. That way, anyone who wishes to have fun will have a chance to play bowling whenever they want to.